War in the 21st century


War in the 21st century

The war do not concern me

The war between Russia and the Ukraine effects everyone whether we want to admit it or not. Make yourself a fresh cup of tea and join me around the table. Let’s talk about it.

The last European war

According to Historians, the last European war was almost 100 years ago. So Europeans got used to war in far away places – not on their front lawn. This war is different and an eye opener. The end of the USSR gave birth to a new independent Ukraine and they are willing to defend their freedom. Vladimir Putin do not agree.

Differences between wars

During Colonial times Europeans engaged in wars with natives of a country and occupied their land and in South Africa 2 sets of Europeans – Britain and Boers fought each other in a country that did not belong to either of them. Then came Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and Palestine. In 2022 it is again 2 European countries fighting each other with the world watching praying that this is not the start of World war 3.

Refugees and Immigrants of war

The refugee crisis in the Ukraine is hard to watch for anyone who have a heart. It is also shocking to hear how some disregard the human suffering and the invasion of an independent country. “I don’t care about them – it is not my war” “The suffering in Syria is worse” “White lives don’t matter to me” “Russia stood by South Africa and fought against Apartheid so I stand with Russia, I don’t care about the racist Ukrainians” (Russia was then known as the USSR and Ukraine was then very much part of Russia) Every refugee deserve dignity and a helping hand in times of need.

The war concerns everyone

Nobody can say that they don’t care about the war. It will affect everyone – for some it will be very personal with family and friends directly involved. For others the indirect affect will be felt for years to come. High cost of living, sanctions, food security. During and after WW2 the countries that were not directly involved in the war suffered tremendously. Recession.

There is another important thing. Today it is Russia invading Ukraine. Tomorrow your country can be invaded if the world do not step up and take a stand. Even for those who don’t care about the suffering of the people: The threat of using nuclear power on the Ukraine is of concern to everyone. That will very well be the start of WW3 and the end of the world.

Racism, the Ukraine and war

The invasion of Ukraine was talked about for a long time yet nobody thought it was possible – and then it happened – basically overnight. Chaos and bloodshed broke out while people scrambled to get out of Ukraine, ditching bullets and bombs.

There was no organized exit plans – there never are during war.

Almost immediately Africans complained about racism at the borders and that they were prevented from leaving the country. Other Africans who were also part of the fleeing masses said that was not true and that preference were given to women with children. Then the Ukrainians were accused of being Nazis by Vladimir Putin himself – the people were split in the middle. Some accused the Ukrainians of being racists and the Russians of being the good guys who want to rid the world of racists – while forgetting that both are European countries. On the other side were those who reminded the world of the Russian propaganda machine.

Solutions and World leaders

After the Russian Invasion in Ukraine a lot was being said about how to go forward. The President of Kenya gave an inspirational speech in which he basically said that he and other African leaders were faced with the same dilemma after Colonisation. They then decided that instead of keep fighting they will respect each others borders and independence – even though it was determined by Colonial forces -watch his whole speech here. This seem like the most logical thing to do in all countries at war with their brother countries.

You can find a list of Businesses, Charities and Ukrainians to support. I also wrote an Open letter to Ukraine.

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