Twitter is not my cup of tea


Twitter is not my cup of tea

Twitter is not my cup of tea – not anymore.

When Social media became the must have thing, I too joined – first Facebook and then Twitter. At first I signed up to Twitter and didn’t do much but read and share. Then after a while, I decided to really dig into it.

Twitter my new friend

I loved that you could send a quick tweet to let your followers know what you are up to. The pace was comparable to rush hour traffic and Twitter became like an online friend of sorts. I used to spend hours on Twitter, reading, commenting and posting. The vast variety of people were appealing to me. Slowly my followers became more and more, which also meant more friends of followers, more of everything.

The turning point

I’m not sure of exactly the date when things became too much for me to absorb and handle. It did happen over time though. More and more people joined Twitter and not all had good intentions. Every few tweets were negative, mean and even hate filled. I’m a very positive person, however I were drained after spending 1 hour on the platform. It started to affect my mental health and drained my energy so one day in 2019 I decided to quit the platform.

The ugliness

The tweets became full of hate, people started to stalk and harass others, extremists got on the platform while faceless people infiltrated conversations with false statements with the goal to divide people. No respectful debate just hate. Businesses and people can be destroyed in a matter of a few tweets.

Enemy of the people?

From what I understand, Twitter was created to be a fun and friendly place for people to send and receive sms like messages. So the intention seemed to have been noble. Twitter is no longer that I’m afraid.

After Twitter

I don’t see myself to ever join Twitter again – unless things change drastically. At this moment in 2021, I have no desire to re-join the platform.

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