When it’s time to close the door


When it’s time to close the door

Relationships whether romantic, friendship or familial are meant to make you feel good and add value to your life however some times relationships become unhealthy and then it is time for turning away from a toxic relationship.

My story

Most of my friendships spans over many years and I value friendships that are good and healthy however I had to turn away from two friendships that turned toxic and became unhealthy. My one friend who I’ve known for 17+ years interfered in my family and when I talked to her about it she responded by criticizing me and talked about me behind my back to some family members. She became very nosy and became way too toxic.

Three weeks later another long time friend who knew the above friend also went to close family members of mine and told them things that I told her in confidence totally betraying me.

Turning away from a toxic relationship

When it is family betraying you, it is a bit harder to close the door especially when it is close family members however it is possible to emotionally disconnect from them during family events.
Romantic relationship can be complicated to leave especially when children are involved
While this group is probably the easiest to walk away from, it is not without pain.

Time to leave

I don’t easily walk away from people but once I’ve made the decision, I will turn my back on a toxic relationship and walk away.

The ultimate betrayal

I was stunned when the so called best friend of 30+ years of Duchess Meghan ran to the tabloids to dish dirt on her. I don’t care how hurt the friend were but to betray someone in such a way is just so wrong.

Don’t go back

I have my own rules when turning away from a toxic relationship. It is easy to forget why you closed the door on someone so I write down why I can never allow someone back into my life. I then put my reasons for leaving somewhere I can read it easily. You can forgive someone and even still love them (from a distance) without having them in your life.

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