Think outside of the box


Think outside of the box

Think outside of the box during these uncertain and unsettling times we live in during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Job losses

People who thought they were secured in their jobs had a rude awakening when their companies closed down or when employees were laid off while some people were just simply not paid. Some Small business owners lost everything they build up over years.

Small business owners

Many of these small businesses were one man businesses and they are now without an income or struggling. Hairdressers, Tattoo parlours and Beauty salons were hit hard as they were considered to be at risk of spreading COVID 19 due to the close contact with clients.


There are always Hope. When one door closes another door opens. Who moved my cheese is a wonderful little book about change and how to move with it and not get stuck when things get difficult. Now is the time to dust yourself off and think outside the box. You might even find a new skill or passion.

Some Ideas

A nail technician whose business closed due to COVID 19, started to make cloth masks to generate some income, while others turned to online teaching. Another man who lost his job started a delivery service.

Some ideas may not be allowed under the regulations in your country so first check the regulations before you embark on something that are either a health risk or forbidden.

All is not lost – with a little thought, determination, willing to change, optimism and positivity you might just be heading for a brand new job and adventure. Good luck!

Think outside of the box!

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