Things still relevant today


Things still relevant today

Things still relevant today that used to be important and popular from years ago include good manners, ethical business practice and loyalty among others.

The other day someone made the remark that times have changed and therefore older people cannot comment about raising children in this day and age. I disagree with that statement. Well, not everything though.

I agree somewhat

The remark about raising children nowadays had me thinking about what is different now than say 30 years ago. The first thing that comes to mind is the Internet, Cellphones, Computers, Instant access to information.

There are however much more things still relevant today

  • Good manners is still as relevant today as it was years ago. Many children and adults don’t even say the basic please and thank you. Just shocking. Not surprising though as both parents work outside the house. Teaching the children good manners is last on the list when you only have about 2-3 waking hours a day with your kids. Good manners instills discipline and respect.
  • Loyalty to your loved ones are just as important now as it was years ago. Loyalty builds character. When there is no loyalty, there is no trust.
  • Ethical business practices is still relevant. It is still unethical to use and abuse people to get what you want.
  • Reading and writing is essential to people of all ages. When you read, you gain knowledge. Writing gives you a voice, even if it is only for yourself .
  • Respect for yourself and others builds a good character and sets you apart from those who don’t respect anybody including themselves. The lack of respect is more obvious to see nowadays with social media where people say anything they want. There are people who sit behind their computer and spew out hate while even trolling people who grieve loved ones. Just horrible.

The above is just some things still relevant. You are welcome to give your input.

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