There are good in this world


There are good in this world

There are so much evil, pain and hurt in the world that it is so easy to forget that there are good in the world too. Good news do not feature on the front page of the newspapers or the headline news on the television. For every bad scenario in the world there are some good things happening too. It doesn’t mean that we should pretend that bad things don’t happen.


We all know the horrifying truth of deforestation due to palm oil plantations. Palm oil are used in almost everything we eat although chocolate companies are the big culprits. For years the question was how we can either replace palm oil or regulate it.

Good news

People are working behind the scenes to reforest and to regulate palm oil. Then a chocolate company in South Africa De Villiers chocolate decided to produce delicious chocolates without using any palm oil. They are Keto and Rainforest alliance certified. Great initiative.

Cleaning up

Johannesburg, South Africa are known as a dirty city as much as it is known as the City of Gold because of business opportunities. When I was a child we used to call it tin city because of all the cooldrink tins littering the street.

Good news

Two friends Sean Williams and Lovemore Robson decided enough with all the dirt and started to cleanup. In 4 months time they have already removed and destroyed 143 000kg of waste. An amazing accomplishment

Hungry children

It is not new to read about hungry children around the world. The virus that took over the world in 2020 made things worse. Some children go to school hungry while trying to get educated. With the virus many food programs slowed down while others stopped completely.

Good news

Zane Powles went on a one man mission to help and feed some of the most vulnerable children. So far he have delivered over 10 000 meals. He walks through wind, snow, rain and sun to make sure the kids are fed. True life hero.

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