The tale of two Princes


The tale of two Princes

The tale of two princes in the modern era. Or rather two former Princes now without titles. Out in the cold. Former members of the British royal family.

The similarities

  • There are just too many things these former Royals have in common for us to ignore. Here are just a few.
  • Both Andrew and Harry were born into the Royal family.
  • Andrew is the second son of the Reigning Monarch HRH Queen Elizabeth
  • Harry is the second son of the next in line to the throne HRH Prince Charles
  • Andrew served in the Royal navy as a Helicopter Pilot and fought in the Falklands war
  • Harry served in the Military and fought in the Afghanistan war
  • Both Andrew and Harry married commoner women
  • Sarah Ferguson the wife of Prince Andrew left the Royal family
  • Meghan Markle the wife of Prince Harry left the Royal family
  • Harry and Andrew are not allowed to use their HRH titles
  • Both Andrew as well as Harry lost their charity patronages
  • Harry and Andrew are now both former British Royals.

How did it all happen?

  • Harry the Prince formerly known as HRH Prince Harry hand in his resignation as a member of the Royal family to move to America with his American bride Meghan Markle. They want to be financially independent and free of the restrictions of Royal life.
  • Andrew the Prince formerly known as HRH Prince Andrew was fired from the British Royal family due to allegations of misconduct. A civil court case is currently on the cards.

What the future holds

Nobody can say for sure what the future holds for the two former members of the Royal family. It would be interesting to say what happens in 2022 with the much anticipated book of Harry and the civil court case of Andrew. The tale of two Princes is not finished yet.

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