The right to decency


The right to decency

The right to decency is a basic human right regardless race, gender, age, occupation, finances or house.

Decency explained

TheCambridge dictionary explains it: behavior that is good, moral, and acceptable in society

Collins dictionary explanation: Decency is the quality of following accepted moral standards.

The right to decency

Everyone deserves decency. However, many times we see how people are mistreated in a way that violates their decency. For instance think about the women getting raped, the children without clothes, homes, being violated to name just a few. I therefore also think about the victims of war and the inhumane conditions they are kept.

The silent sufferers

It has happened many times that the elderly are mistreated and stripped of their decency in the care homes close to the end of their lives. The disabled are another group who are ridiculed for their appearance , overweight people are laughed at and bullied. Children who are either too young or to scared are left without decency.

Decency in death

Those who have passed on also deserve decency. I worked in the police mortuary for 3 years and I made sure that the dead were covered in sheets, treated humanely and handled with respect. The other day a woman was shot dead during an armed hijacking. Her body was then ripped from the car and thrown in the middle of the street in total disrespect and stripped of her decency.

Protecting your decency

You have all the right in the world to demand respect from others to treat you in a way that do not take away your decency in any way or form. In other words decency are a a two way street to protect and be protected.

Protecting the decency of others

Finally while we have all the right in the world to protect ourselves we must also look out for those less fortunate than us, the silent sufferers, the children and the animals. Above all do the right thing. When we give hope, peace and love we protect and restore decency.

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