The parallels between America and South Africa

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The parallels between America and South Africa

The parallels between America and South Africa is almost scary to witness. Worlds apart though so similar in governments and experiences.

The differences

  • South Africa is an upcoming country
  • USA is a strong develop country
  • The majority of people in South Africa is black
  • The majority of people in the USA is white
  • Different cultures

The similarities

  • Both countries are under democratic rule
  • South Africa and the USA both have racial intolerance pasts.

The parallels between America and South Africa

During the pas couple of years it became clear that the two countries share a lot of similarities. While it is common knowledge that South Africa had an apartheid Government and the USA had the black slave trade as well as the Native American intolerance, recent events highlighted the parallels between the two countries.

  • Former President Thabo Mbeki in 2009 was forced out and replaced by Jacob Zuma who ruled South Africa from 2009 until 2018.
  • In 2017 Donald Trump became the President of the USA. He ruled from 2017 until 2021.
  • Jacob Zuma faced numerous accusations of alleged sexual misconduct and so did Donald Trump
  • Both Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma were accused of alleged financial irregularities.
  • Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma both ruled their countries in a divisive way.
  • Both Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma faced accusations of alleged corruption
  • The USA faced an insurrection on Jan 6 of 2021 with whites being the majority to storm the capital
  • South Africa faced an insurrection 9-17 July 2021 with blacks being the majority to go on a looting, burning and destroying of businesses in Kwazulu Natal.
  • President Joe Biden followed Donald Trump as President of America and was given a country in chaos and with it’s citizens divided.
  • President Cyril Rhamaphosa followed Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa and were left to pick up the pieces of a chaotic and divisive presidency.

It would be very interesting to see how things in both countries develop and whether the new Presidents can bring peace and stability to their countries while also uniting the citizens of their countries.

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