The pain of Rejection


The pain of Rejection

The effects of rejection can either kill your muse or change your life. Jane Champagne

Most of us have experience rejection in one form or another some time in our lives. Rejection happens between family and friends and in work and business relations.


It is well known that the Beatles had to knock on 14 doors before they were finally accepted and given a record deal. The same happened to Paulo Coulho writer of the worldwide best seller The Alchemist.

The lesson in business rejection is to never give up if you believe in what you have to offer. Susan Boyle comes to mind here. She was incredibly brave but also incredibly talented (and she knew it) when she came second in Britain’s got Talent at the age of 47 after years of being rejected.

There are however another side of rejection and that is being rejected by family or friends. It might be a bit harder to deal with because it is personal relationships.


Some times a trusted friend can betray and also reject you for the purpose of self gain. This can cause hurt and pain for the friend on the other side.


This one is probably the hardest to phantom. You can choose your friends and business partners but you have no choice in family and if it is your parents, children or siblings, the road to healing is tough.

Dealing with rejection

Business – you can take your business elsewhere and keep on knocking on doors until the right door opens

Friends– if the rejection is due to of none of your wrong doings, then you can just count your losses and move on (and cry in your pillow)

-if the rejection is due to something you did or say, you will have to humble yourself in apologizing and asking for forgiveness (not demanding though)

Family – Family (my personal opinion) is worth trying to heal, forgive and reach out and before cutting a family member of forever, try taking a break from the relationship and take some time by and for yourself to think about everything – maybe you also made some bad choices in the past. Walking away from a family member should be a last resort.


Rejection can be a blessing to help you see the light and clear the fog.

You can also listen to these songs to ease the pain of rejection

Rejection doesn’t have to mean you aren’t good enough; it often just means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer. Ash Sweeney

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