The most beautiful monument in South Africa

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The most beautiful monument in South Africa

The most beautiful monument in South Africa is without a doubt the Voortrekker monument built on top of a hill called Monument hill to honour the brave Voortrekkers who endured so much during the Great trek.

The Great trek

During 1835 – 1840 the British Empire made it clear that they intended to invade South Africa to establish British rule. The Afrikaner community did not want to be ruled by the British and decided to move away from the Cape Colony and move their families by ox wagon over mountains to homelands inside the interior of South Africa where they could govern themselves. They called themselves Voortrekkers (Pioniers).

The most beautiful monument in South Africa

In 1888 years after the Great trek, the Afrikaner community planned a monument to commemorate the sacrifices the Voortrekkers made during the Great trek. They wanted something that would stand out honor God and be a symbol of hope and pride to the Afrikaner people. In 1931 the architect Gerard Moerdijk was appointed to draw plans for a monument.

Moerdijk wanted to design a monument that would stand as a memorial for more than a thousand years. Explain to posterity the history and significance of the Great Trek.”

The Voortrekker monument is a master piece with many detail. 299 steps lead you to the entrance of this magnificent monument. On the upper stairs, there is an assegai gate and a wall that surrounds the monument. Every detail inside and outside the monument mean something.

Once a year, on 16 December (the day of the Vow), a ray of sunshine shines through the opening of the monument in the middle of the cenotaph.

The monument are a national heritage site visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Families can enjoy picnics and walks while visiting the monument.

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