The invisible middle child


The invisible middle child

The invisible middle child needs love. Just because the middle child doesn’t scream and shout do not mean they need less attention. While recollections may vary from person to person, this is what I personally experienced growing up. Also from speaking to other middle children.

I am a middle child

Oh yes I am. We are 3 girls. My older sister is 3 years older than me and my younger sister is 6 years younger than me. When I was younger, I knew I was different from my siblings, yet I didn’t know why I felt so lonely.

Middle children have a special skill set.

The middle child learn how to cope with being the odd one out. He/she develop the skill to stay in the background while growing up. There are two others who scream for attention so the middle child learn how to not add to the chaos. They hardly ever voice their opinion about anything and almost never ask or criticize. Always the peacekeeper. Therefore it is easy to forget about the invisible middle child.

Victim hood

It is easy to fall prey to victim hood and live their life as victims in an excuse not to live at all. We deserve better. We can do better. Just because we couldn’t control our birth order, doesn’t mean we can not control our destiny. Fly like an eagle. Live life to the fullest. You are enough.

Day of the middle child

Yes, middle children even have their own special day when we celebrate our birth order. Now isn’t that something to smile about. Drum roll please! The day of the middle child falls on August 12 each year. So please do celebrate your life. You were born to stand out in the world. Congratulations on being a middle child.

Famous middle children

While there are loads of famous middle children. I will stick with my top 10 in particular order.

  • Jennifer Lopez with an older sister and younger sisterBritney Spears with an older brother and a younger sisterBill Gates with an older sister and a younger sisterChris Hemsworth with an older brother and a younger brotherKaty Perry with an older sister and a younger brotherPippa Middleton with an older sister and a younger brotherMiley Cyrus with two older brothers and two younger sistersOwen Wilson with an older brother and a younger sisterZoe Saldanha with an older sister and a younger sisterSarah Jessica Parker with an older brother and a younger sister

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