Tea for the lonely heart


Tea for the lonely heart

Tea for the lonely heart is just the thing you need to heal you from the inside out. A lonely heart needs warmth and comfort.

A lonely heart

Everybody knows someone who suffers from a lonely heart or maybe the lonely heart belongs to you. Whatever the case might be the heart needs love.

Tea for the lonely heart

The color assigned to a heart is red. So it just makes sense to make and drink tea that resembles the color of the heart. It is also a personal favorite of mine.

Warm Red berry tea

Enjoy when your heart is lonely or even when your heart is whole. When you feel happy and content. Feel how the tea warms your heart and the rest of your body. Brew it for yourself. A friend or someone you love.


  • 1 Glass see through teapot – to see and enjoy the visual
  • A Glass see through cup and saucer or any other fancy cup
  • Water
  • A cup of Fresh strawberries, goji berries, cranberries or any collection of red berries.
  • Honey (optional)


  • Boil the water and fill the teapot ¾
  • Throw the berries inside the teapot and watch the berries explode in color.
  • Leave to infuse in the water for about 3 minutes
  • While you wait set your most beautiful tray while listening to soft gentle music of your choice.


Take your tray with your teapot and cup to your favorite spot outside in the garden. Take in the beautiful color and texture in the teapot. Pour yourself a generous serving of your own home brewed berry tea. Stir in a bit of honey if you wish. Sit back and smell the aroma. Sip the tea and take in your surroundings. Feel your lonely heart warming to the tea and know that you are loved. Embrace your heart and enjoy the tea for a lonely heart.

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