Staying positive in a crazy world


Staying positive in a crazy world

Being positive when everything around you are good is easy, however staying positive in a crazy world is not.

Headline news

Everyday we are bombarded by negative news. The news and newspapers focus mostly on news that draws audiences/readers and are of public interest therefore crimes like murders, rapes, child and animal abuse feature front and center. Somewhere between the pages one or two positive stories will feature. These stories have a negative influence on the minds of people. When you read or watch too many of these stories your thinking process turns negative.

How do you stay positive when everything around you seems negative?

What I do to stay positive

While I do read news stories, I limited myself to the amount of negative stories I consume on a daily basis. I know what is going on in the world. I do not allow these stories to get hold of me. Whenever I feel negativity creep into my mind, I read something positive or watch a comedy. Nothing like laughter for a battered soul. I also do not read or watch crime stories in the evening before bedtime. I rather listen radio or end my day with a good book.

Daytime nightmares

It is not just during evenings that negativity can cross your mind. It also happens in broad daylight. The thing that helps me during the day is to start my day on a positive note with prayers and bible study, going for a walk with my dog Millie, working in my garden, listening to music and doing taichi. Oh and spending time outside in the sun.


I keep journal of my personal thoughts and feeling. It helps me to write down how and what you feel even when things are going well in your life. Another word for writing down your feelings is called writing therapy and it really is like therapy for a broken soul.

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