Spring is here


Spring is here

South African edition

The 1st of September 2019 marks the first day of spring for South Africa

Spring brings a lightness, a positive mind, and above all. a readiness to grab life again and to bring sunshine into our homes and lives.

I don’t know about you but during winter I tend to hibernate much like some animals do. I love to cozy up under a blanket reading a book and sipping tea or hot chocolate but when spring comes, I come alive!

So much to do

This spring is extra special to me as it is the launch of my long awaited website Let’s make Tea. The past couple of months, I’ve worked very hard and kept my eyes on my goals so that everything becomes a reality on 1 September 2019. This is my labor of love, my pride and joy.

Now that spring is here and my website is launched, I can finally step out in the sun and enjoy the breath of summer calling me out of my winter hibernation.

I have lots to do. Spring cleaning is on the top of my list and so are healthy eating, exercising, working in my herb garden and testing out new fruity tea flavors and I’m going to bake a nice citrus cake with cream icing. Yummy!

I love Spring!

It is just lovely and energizing when the days become longer and the nights shorter. I also love the visits from friends maybe sharing a light meal outside while drinking a fruity cocktail.

I start Spring 2019 with a rejuvenating one day retreat that includes yoga, meditation on the beach, a healthy eating workshop, arts and crafts with all things herbs and even more, a meat free breakfast and lunch.

Happy Spring to all people in the Southern Hemisphere and for the rest of the world: Just enjoy life and all it has to offer.

While you’re busy reading why not check out this handy chart about seasons around the world.

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