Spare a thought for journalists


Spare a thought for journalists

When we read about crimes being committed, interviews and more, spare a thought for journalists. They are the people who are behind the headlines. No newspaper, magazine, tv station, radio station can survive without the journalists who get and write the stories. Some journalists are more visible than others and then we tend to forget about the person behind the headline.

There are a wide range of different type of journalists.

Investigative, Political, Wildlife, Crime, Business, art, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Community, Cyber, Broadcast and Print journalists have a job to do and most of them work behind the scenes with just their names mentioned together with their article. Sometimes a photo will accompany the article however nowadays many of them have some kind of social media presence.

The story behind the story

Behind every story we read or watch is another story on how the journalists went about to get the story. Some journalists have informers who let them know about a potential story while sometimes the journalist stumble upon a story. There are much more going on behind the story we read or watch in a few minutes.


Depending on the type of journalism, some journalists work in constant dangerous situations to get that one headline story while others don’t experience danger at all.

Journalism in the Political arena

We have witnessed first hand how Politicians and there supporters can threaten the lives of journalists when irregularities and criminal behavior are exposed.

Wrong time wrong place

On 6 January 2021 journalists from various newspapers were inside the capitol reporting on the certification of the election of President Joe Biden when the mob stormed the Capitol. They reported from inside the Capitol as everything unfolded. The second by second account of these journalists as they too were in fear of their lives is a must read to understand what happened from inside the building. The words Murder the media were scrolled on one of the doors. What should have been a routine reporting mission quickly turned into a fight for your life and get the story. So next time spare a thought for journalists behind the headlines. Without journalists there will be no truth.

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