South African Cuisine


South African Cuisine

South African cuisine are rich and diverse.

Here following are some of the best South Africa have to offer

Braai (Barbeque)

South Africans love their braais. A braai is a family affair with women making salads while the men light a fire with wood or charcoal. Men, women and children sit outside drinking wine and beer and eating chips (crisps) while chatting around the fire.

The meat are mostly beef or pork sausages (we call it wors), chicken kebabs (we call it sosaties) , chops and/or ribs or steaks. We even have a braai day on the same day as heritage day when we celebrate the different cultures.

Stywe pap

Loosely it translates to porridge. The stywe pap is made from Corn flower. The pap is then cooked until it is dried and crumbles. Fried tomato and onion are put on top and then served with the barbeque and salads.

Bunny chow

You take a fresh loaf of bread and cut it into 2 halves with the inside of the bread taken out. It is then filled with meat and gravy.


It is a very sweet snack. Dough are rolled out, cut into strips and then deep fried and dipped into a sugary syrup.

Sout tert (Savory tart)

It consist out of a savory pastry and the filling are made up of different types of meat and then smothered with grated cheese and baked in the oven.

Biltong (Beef jerky)

It is not exactly the same as the American counterpart. Raw beef are cut into thick strips, rubbed with salt, coriander and other spices and then hanged out to dry. We also have droë wors (dried sausage) that is raw sausages, spiced and hanged out to dry.

Milk tart

South Africa’s favorite tart by far is made mostly out of milk and eggs and loved in the country. We have a national milk tart day!

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