Sharing your private life


Sharing your private life

Sharing your private life with the public may seem tempting at first. It could have repercussions though.

Harry and Meghan

The recent interview with Oprah involving Meghan and Harry had people gripped to their seats. The couple shared their personal truths as they call it. It was mostly personal stuff involving family issues. The Pandora’s box so to speak had been opened and everyone now have a say in it. Good or bad. They might think they have won the battle and taken revenge. However such tell all interviews almost never works out well. Time will tell if they will regret their actions – most people do.

Social Media

Social media have made it very easy to share personal stuff. There are plenty of Social Media entrepreneurs out there who share personal stuff while making a living from it. Many of them get so engaged in it, they put their kids front and center and even share their personal struggles with family on their chosen social media platform.

Celebrity revelations

Through the years we have seen many celebrities divulging their personal battles in front of TV cameras for all to see. Most of them fall flat.


Saira Khan wrote an article I regret airing my dirty laundry. It is worth the read. She explains with her readers why sharing your private life with everyone is not a good idea. I cannot agree more. When you put yourself out there, you have to expect unwelcome replies. It also effect your friends and family when you talk about them or talk about things that implicates or involve them.

Feeling hurt

It is tempting when you was hurt in a way, to want to speak out and put the record straight. I have been there too. It is not a good place to be. There are however no winners. There are 3 versions: Your version, my version and the truth that lies somewhere in between.

A good example

Maria Shriver from the Kennedy family once said that the Kennedy family have a rule in their family that you can say what you want about family members inside the Kennedy family. They do not talk about family stuff outside of their family.

Steve Harvey was berated by his former wife and decided to keep his silence. Therefore not giving in to the hysteria of the masses, he managed to keep his dignity. He did not get involved in the classic He says she says and everything died down soon after.


  1. Amandaskrywer

    14 December 2023 at 7:11 pm

    I agree. What is the point anyway? Rather speak to each other in private


    14 December 2023 at 5:24 am

    It’s not worth the pain and scolding at the opposition. There for sure are two sides on anything people say.

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