Progress is not always helpful


Progress is not always helpful

“It is progress therefore it is okay.” people say. Progress is not always helpful or even needed though.

The past 100 years we saw so called progress everywhere. We also saw deforestation, natives removed from their lands, harmful processed foods, the poisoning of rivers through oil pipelines and so the list goes on.

What progress is not

  • Deforestation to replace forests with palm fruit plantations that results in the habit of animals being destroyed.
  • Processed food are proven to be bad for our health, yet it is convenient, therefore it is seen as progress however it is not
  • The installation of oil pipelines through rivers and under the sea are not progress, it is reckless.
  • Over fishing is harmful to the fish population
  • Trophy hunting is disgusting and not progress. The Native Americans will tell you that you only kill to eat and you must use every part and let nothing go to waste.
  • Mansions build on coastlines is destroying the coasts. It also uses too much space that could have been used for something else.
  • Plastic is a mass murderer

This is progress

  • Reforestation is a step in the right direction. It helps to rebuild the planet
  • Recycling of plastic, glass and others is indeed progress to a better planet
  • Planting your own vegetables and fruits organically improves the planet
  • Fishing and hunting responsibly
  • Replacing plastic with environmental alternatives is good for animals and humans

Progress is only progress when it helps the planet not hurt it. The pictures of workers cutting down trees with hand saws to build houses and commercial buildings might look impressive, it is however not so impressive when you look at what the world have become under so called progress. COVID 19 gave the planet a much need resting time. Hopefully everyone will take this chance to help rebuild the place we call home.

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