People who lost their name and business


People who lost their name and business

People who lost their name and business are a lesson to be learned to all of us to pay attention when doing business with others.

I have never played in the big league in business so the two cases highlighted here shocked me to my core. The ruthlessness of people that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Even if it means taking your name and business.

I decided to not link to the official websites of these people because they do not own the rights to their names and businesses.

The real Karen Neuburger

This woman inspired Oprah’s favorite things. She created pajamas in her garage and was featured on the Oprah show. Years later she was back on the show. However not to celebrate her success. Her story took a horrible turn after the first Oprah show featuring Karen. In her own words: “I got a big order — a single order — for about $400,000. That was way over my capacity,” she says. “I went to a friend who I had worked for, and he had everything I needed. He had a big warehouse, he had a big business at the time. So, he was willing to make a deal.” That decision was the beginning of the end of Karen’s baby as she called it. She made the mistake to use his lawyer in business with this guy. She lost everything. No longer can she do business under her own name – ever again.

She are now working for a small business Guardian Products that sells cleaning products for lingerie.

Bob Ross the Joy of Painting

The lovable painter who brought so much joy to people around the world with his TV show died from cancer. Although he left everything he owned to his son Steve Ross and his brother that was not to be. Due to a business deal Bob Ross and therefore his son lost everything- read all about this heart breaking story in this article named Sex, Deceit, and Scandal: The Ugly War Over Bob Ross’ Ghost. Steve Ross went to court and lost. Heartbreaking.

Oprah advice

  • Never trust anybody else with your money
  • Read the small print
  • Use your own lawyer
  • Sign your own checks
  • Know what you sign

My Opinion

The above mentioned victims made the fatal mistake to trust, they also didn’t take control of their money and therefore lost it when they let their guard down. Their mistakes are a lesson to all of us.

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