Beware People Overstepping your personal boundaries


Beware People Overstepping your personal boundaries

Beware People Overstepping your personal boundaries can cause hurt, pain, resentment and intrude your privacy, safety and security.

About personal boundaries

Each and every person have boundaries and if you don’t have, you are in trouble. It could be as simple as in my home no swearing are allowed or guests are not allowed to use your on suite bathroom. It might sound insignificant however it is not. When you allow people to disregard your rules and boundaries, it will only get worse and end in disaster. The boundary destroyer could be a friend or a family member. They come in all shapes and sizes.

I am your friend…

Not a smoker, I do not allow people to smoke in my house. A so called friend told me: “I’m your friend so that rule don’t apply to me”. She then continued to smoke in my home. I said nothing and just accepted it. It went on for years until one day when she overstepped another boundary and another. She continued until all the boundaries were destroyed. We are no longer friends however the damage she caused to me and my family are horrific and I will carry the scars for the rest of my life.

Lessons to learn

When someone overstep your personal boundaries once, they will do it again. They will become more ruthless. They got away with it the first time, you didn’t object or you made a weak attempt to tell them that overstepping your boundaries are not okay. Remember when the voice in your head told you that your friend should not overstep your boundary? We should pay attention to that voice. Intuition is never wrong.

The end result

How did it get so far? Why didn’t you see it? The what if will haunt you for years to come. You will be left with picking up the pieces after the boundary destroyer are finished with you. You will blame yourself, you will beat yourself up until you decide to make some changes in your life. Establish new boundaries and stick with them, listen to your intuition. Stay safe and take care of you.

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