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Open letter to Leaders that lead a team however big or small. You are important. Yes you can learn how to be a good leader.

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born – Warren Bennis

Dear Leader

Congratulations on being a Leader. It is a great privilege and honour to be a leader and lead a team. After all your team is your advertisement to the world. A leader leads by example. He or she is proud of every individual accomplishment achieved by the team. You as the leader of the team is very important.

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it. —Theodore Roosevelt

Definition of a leader

True leadership lies in guiding others to success. In ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well. —Bill Owens

A leader is also someone who do not micro manage or belittle people. A good leader have strong ethics, morals and values.

You are important

As a leader you are indeed very important therefore people look up to you for guidance and leadership. Impressionable young men and women will follow your lead to greatness or despair. Older people in your team who have a life of living behind them can help you on your climb to the top – you can learn a lot from them. May you choose wisely what your legacy will be.

A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. —John Maxwell



    2 July 2023 at 6:52 am

    There will always be leaders and followers. A good leader has many followers who love to support him/her.

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