Not my finest hour


Not my finest hour

I am at my best a bit clumsy. I will step in the only poop in the road

Not my finest hour

While I am clumsy, I also tend to say the wrong things, say too much, oh boy have I got it wrong through the years.

Perfection is…

Not me. Some people have the ability to say and do the right things at the right time, almost never putting a foot wrong. I admire that very much. While I try to better myself daily, I have made some cringe worthy mistakes in the past.


I once attended a local musical and wanted to express my appreciation to the artists and by doing so stepped on one of their very expensive floor lights and it broke into a thousand little pieces.

Another time I wanted to take a closer look at a glass vase on a display counter and my handbag knocked it over.

When I tried to clean my laptop with a damp cloth, I knocked over the cup of coffee resulting in my documents being coffee stained and my laptop more dirty (luckily not damaged), the carpet soiled and my fingers burnt.

The wrong words

Remember when Baby in Dirty dancing said: I carried a watermelon? Well, I have also had my fair share of saying awkward stuff

My best friend of 30 years invited me for tea and I didn’t want to and went to the beach instead , telling her that I was sick. Who ended up at the beach: Yes, you guessed it: my friend. The first thing I said was: The Doctor said I had to go out for fresh air. (We are still friends, I apologized)

When I met my husband, he complimented me on my clothes which resulted in me telling him that my clothes were old and needs a wash. (I have no idea why I said it as I wash my clothes regularly.

I also tend to overshare and explain (working on it). Not my finest hour

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