My hope for the world


My hope for the world

During all the years of civilization on planet earth, we are still struggling to get along with each other, make and keep peace, to forgive and heal and create a better life for all living and breathing animals and humans while also taking care of the planet.

Hurtful past

It is not just in South Africa where we have a divisive and hurtful past. It is very clear in America how their past is still haunting and hurting them and so the list goes on and on. So why is there not healing and why do people still feel victimized?

Many opinions

Just ask the person next to you the above question and you will find the diversity of answers. From finger pointing to carelessness. I don’t know, I don’t care, I had nothing to do with what happened in the past many says.

The other side

It is easy to say I didn’t do this or that so why should I care or pay the price. It doesn’t help anyone with such an attitude. The treaties that have been broken over and over again is still hurting those who were and still are on the receiving end. The perpetrators might be long dead however there are still unresolved matters and this is our lifetime.

My hope for the world

When you are physically hurt that results in a big open bloody wound, putting a plaster on will not heal the wound. It will just ease the blood flow for a while. The wound needs to be cleaned thoroughly and stitched up. Then your body needs time to heal.My humble opinion is to teach the younger generation about the different things that governments did wrong in the past (truthfully) as well as individual wrongs. It means that all different groups of people needs to come together and share their true stories without prejudice and fear for retribution. Shouting matches won’t do any good. Everyone needs to be heard. Most people want a world that is free from hurt, pain and where everyone live in peace.Let’s drink tea together and talk, forgive whoever needs to be forgiven, find solutions on the way forward, implement what needs to be done and start the healing process. Only then can we all move on and live our best lives. Heal the world one step at a time.

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