Mom is a human being


Mom is a human being

Mom is a human being and sometimes you forget it and treat her like she is less than human.

It’s Mom’s fault

We blame our Mothers for everything. It’s Mom’s fault that I’m fat. It is also Mom’s fault that I have no confidence or for the failure of my marriage. Mom is the closest to any minor or adult child. Therefore she is the first and last to carry the burden of our failures. Instead of taking responsibility for our own failures and mistakes, we blame Mom. A couple of years ago their were a Dr. Phil show that featured a boy Brandon who was addicted to drugs. He too blamed everything on his Mom. He treated her like trash and didn’t have one good word to say about her. When he was successfully rehabilitated, he couldn’t believe how he treated his Mom. Unfortunately, not everyone who mistreat their Mom’s are on drugs or alcohol.

I love my Mother but

Dr. Linda Mintle wrote a book A daughter’s journey home / I love my Mother but. It is an excellent read that covers all areas of the relationship between Mothers and Daughters. It is worth the time and effort to read the book.

The Perfect one

The child proclaims to always be the perfect one and very rarely takes ownership of their failures. We just have to look at all the actors and actresses who abandoned their Mom’s. Every time they do an interview they will complain about how their Mom is this horrible person, she is the reason for everything that is wrong in their child’s life. Mom is the perfect excuse to not take responsibility. Estrangement between parents and children especially between Mothers and their daughters are mostly initiated by the children and for reasons that do not deserve such drastic measures.

Mothers are not perfect

The woman that gave birth to us is far from perfect. Nobody are. Not even the children of the imperfect Mother. Most Mothers do not do things on purpose to hurt or harm their children. There are no handbook to tell a Mother exactly how to raise up a child. Mothers learn by trial and error and sometimes they get it wrong. They make mistakes. Mom are a human being too.

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