Movies that are timeless


Movies that are timeless

Spotlight on timeless movies

It wasn’t easy to choose only 5 timeless movies. There were countless movies made troughout the years for the reason that some are one hit wonders while others have stood the test of times. Therefore here they are in no particular order.

Dirty Dancing – timeless movies

Year: 1987
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey
Description: It is a coming off age story about Baby who goes on a summer vacation where she as a result falls madly in love with the local camp dance instructor Johnny.
Rotten Tomato rating:71%

Timeless: This movie qualifies to be on the list of timeless movies because of the charisma of Patrick Swayze who above all were a trained dancer and also the chemistry between him and actress Jennifer Grey and similarly the sexy dance moves and most noteworthy that iconic lift scene.


  • The final cut included the real life giggling Jennifer and frustrated Patrick.
  • Jennifer didn’t consider herself beautiful enough and therefore had a nose job done after the movie was released. It left her unrecognizable.
  • Producers considered the name I was once a Teenage Mambo Queen because Dirty Dancing sounded too provocative.
  • The crew spray painted the leaves due to the filming of the movie during the fall.

The song I’ve had the time of my life won an Oscar

  • Patrick was not fond of the line Nobody puts Baby in the corner
  • Dirty Dancing was filmed in Virginia, at the Mountain Lake Lodge while fans of the movie can visit and even vacation there.
  • Dirty Dancing appreciation days are being held annually which also includes competitions.
  • The real father of Jennifer was a cabaret dancer.

Sound of Music

Year: 1965
Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer

Maria wanted to be a Nun for as long as she could remember while in her native Austria but when she gets a job as Governess to 7 kids with a hard working Father and also a deceased Mother, she throws herself whole heatedly into caring for the children and so capture the heart of their strict Father.

Rotten Tomato rating: 83 %
Timeless: This movie is above all a classic and still warms the hearts of fans over the world. Part of the timelessness of this movie is the true life and love story of the Von Trapp family and the beautiful scenery, camaraderie and also the successful escape from the Nazis.

The Sound of music extras

  • The Sound of music is based on a true story.
  • Christopher didn’t like working on the film and was therefore very cynical about the movie
  • Julie Andrews Kept Falling Over During The Mountain Scene due to the helicopter that was filming from above knocking her over.
  • Andrews kept giggling during the love scene due to the lights above them making a raspberry every time they kissed.
  • The real Maria von Trapp yodeled with Julie on the Julie Andrews Hour show
  • Most noteworthy the movie stayed on the Home video charts for 5 years
  • Julie learned how to play the guitar for the movie.
  • The real Maria von Trap was in contrast snubbed for the movie premier


Year: 1997
Cast: Kate Winslet and Leonardo de Caprio

The movie is based on the true story of the sinking of the unsinkable Titanic while on her maiden voyage. On board is a 17 year old rich girl Rose who falls madly in love with a poor artist guy named Jack.
Rotten Tomato rating: 71%

Timeless Factor
The tragic real life story of the Titanic makes it part of timeless movies by itself. The mystery of how and why the Titanic sank and also the secrets of the passengers who lost their lives and also the accuracy of the movie makes this movie a classic.

Titanic Extras:

  • Director James Cameron himself sketched the nude picture of Rose.
  • The ship’s decor was made as accurate as possible.
  • Real Beluga caviar was furthermore so served to the actors in the film’s first-class dining-room scenes.
  • Jack could technically have fitted on the door with Rose.
  • The movie have a total length of two hours and forty minutes which is above all the exact time it took for the real Titanic to sink.
  • The film makers had only one shot when the water finally started streaming in because everything would certainly be destroyed.
  • James Cameron spend a lot of time visiting and exploring the real Titanic in it’s water grave.
  • Amazingly Titanic didn’t win any acting category Oscars.

Beauty and the Beast

Year: 1991
A young Prince is cursed into a monstrous beast and all he have left is to fall in love with a beautiful young woman in order for him to redeem himself. When Belle comes into his life first as a prisoner, he as a result falls head over hills in love with her.
Rotten Tomato rating: 73%
Most noteworthy This story have been re-made several times and keeps on capturing the fans. The idea of an ugly man finding love, certainly gives hope to everyone.

Beauty and the Beast Extras:

  • For its New Year’s Day, 2002 re-release in IMAX theatres the film restored and remastered in a special-edition edit, including a new musical sequence
  • The movie ranked as the third-most successful film in North America.
  • The film is the only animated film to be nominated for an academy award for Best Picture.

The Lion King makes the list of timeless movies

Year: 1994
A young lion grows up as an outcast due to his cruel uncle and he has the choice to remain an outcast or to face his fears and even more so to be the best he can be.
Rotten Tomato rating: 93%

This movie is enduring to audiences young and old while the lessons learned by the young lion are very much in line with real life lessons.

The Lion King Extras:

  • The King of the Kalahari or the King of the Jungle transitioned into The Lion King
  • Hakuna Matata” wasn’t originally suppose to be in the script
  • The Lion King is certainly the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated feature of all time.
  • It took animators more than two years to create the stampede scene.
  • A hyena researcher sued Disney for “defamation of character” for its portrayal of the animals in the film.
  • The “B-Team” of Disney animators worked on the movie due to the “A-Team” working on Pocahontas who Disney thought would be the biggest earner.
  • The studio brought in real animals for animators to understand and even more so to study their movements.

It seems like some offspring of celebrities also try their hand in entertainment while others become just as successful and even more so celebrities in their own right



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