Living in a world without prejudice


Living in a world without prejudice

Living in a world without prejudice would be refreshing and life changing. Just think about it. No racism or sexism. No discrimination. Perfect world.

Stop. Not so fast

A perfect world do not exist. Many people tried to create world peace including John Lennon. Yet still we live in a world of prejudice. We should never stop trying to live in a world without prejudice though.

It is everywhere

Racism and sexism are probably the most common forms of prejudice. It comes a long way. The Bible have many examples of it. Although progress have been made through the years, we still have a long way to go.

My experience with prejudice

I grew up in a single parent family in the 1970’s when single parent families were not so noticeable or people just didn’t want to see them as full families. One specific incident is ingrained in my mind. Me, my Mum and sisters went to church and moved into the 5th row in the front middle block. Then came one of the male elders who asked us to move as that section of the church was reserved for families. My Mum told the elder that we was a family to which he replied: You are not a complete full family. It was the first time I was confronted with not being accepted, being judged because we didn’t fit the mold of a perfect family. Not a good feeling.

Living in a world without prejudice

It would feel so good when everybody got along with each other. No hate. Is it even possible? I sure think it is. If everyone work on themselves we can achieve so much more together. Trying to understand a person’s hurt. Be more sensitive and accepting. Women around the world share horror stories of discrimination simply because they are women. People of color treated differently because of their skin color. We can do better. We must do better. Let’s make tea together.

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