Make tea not war


Make tea not war

Make tea not war. It is so much easier and not as violent. Rather sit back with a cup of tea in hand and talk about issues.

About war

War isn’t just physical on the battle field. War can be emotional or verbal between family, friends co-workers. Sometimes there is also a war going on inside our own head and that might just be the most damaging to our own health and relationship. While physical war between opposing people or countries are damaging to masses of people.

About tea

Tea are as old as the world itself. There are many health benefits attached to tea. In South Africa we grow Rooibos tea which are world famous. We also have Rooibos skin care products. Tea are drank all over the world. Green tea, Rooibos and tea that are home brewed in a specific country and region. Tea in summer, autumn, winter and spring, anytime, everywhere. We drink tea out of mags and cups. I personally love tea in a cup with a saucer. I find it very elegant to drink tea out of a cup.

Make tea not war

During work meetings, family gatherings and at birthday parties we socialize and drink tea. Politicians in Parliament also drink tea. Even in tribal meetings around a fire people used to drink tea while negotiating. However many people have also drink alcohol around the negotiating table which in my opinion might not be such a good idea. Maybe every negotiating group should turn to tea. While alcohol might lead to violence and abuse, tea have the opposite effect. Tea have a calming effect on the human body. We need level headed sober people around the negotiating table and not hot tempered alcohol altering humans. How about we start serving Chamomile tea during heated meetings including family meetings.

Make tea not war.

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