Make a quick buck or not


Make a quick buck or not

Make a quick buck or not. On the Internet that is but not on social media. Is it possible? Before social media the Internet was a buzz of activity. This is my story

A trip down memory lane

I started my journey on the Internet in 1998. I didn’t have a computer back then so I went to an Internet Cafe where I was mesmerized by the possibilities that the Internet had to offer. Then in 2000 I bought a computer and got dial-up Internet. Remember dial-up? There was no social media, everything was on websites, forums were huge. As the Internet evolved, opportunities arrived.

My attempts to make money on the Internet

While playing around on the Internet I stumbled across WebAnswers – similar to Yahoo Answers however you could also make money on WebAnswers which you couldn’t do on Yahoo Answers. You got paid through Google Adsense. I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised when I actually did make money and did get paid. It wasn’t much though. I got some money every 3 months or so, still it was much appreciated. The site wasn’t well maintained though and it went downhill and eventually went defunct.

Bubblews was a breath of fresh air. I joined while I was also active on WebAnswers and in the beginning Bubblews was the place who offered the best money at that time. They also paid out quickly – every $25 and believe me it was easy and quick to reach. The first few months were a money making haven and then new payout rules and a new way on the structure were introduced and almost overnight Bubblewes closed down with many distraught members. They were not in business for long while WebAnswers lasted a couple of years

Make a quick buck or not

There are no quick way to make money in minutes on the Internet so rather sell hotdogs when you are in dire straits for money. However every now and then a new website pops up that offer some way to make a few bucks. Just don’t put all your eggs into one basket. A lesson I learned is that when you provide content to a website be prepared to part from that content because when the website goes down all your hard work disappears as well. Store backups in a safe place.

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