Know your country and family history


Know your country and family history

Know your country and family history, understand and acknowledge the bad or history might repeat itself in future.

Country history

Every Country have a dark side to their history. You have to care about it. It is your duty to know every part of your Country’s history in order to understand how the Country came to be. Also you need to know if, how and when some of your country men and women had been wronged in the past. Why? You might ask. Well worst case scenario you might own a piece of land that have a land claim on it from people who are the rightful owners of it. The other reason is for you to be a good citizen. It is important to speak up and correct the wrongs of the past. Have empathy with those who were wronged. Your voice count. Make sure to use it if people attempt to repeat the wrongs.

You should also know why certain laws exist, how the Country works so that you can be a good, productive and humane citizen. When you know the history of your country, you will understand better, have empathy where needed and build a future country that your kids and grandkids can be proud of.

If you know better, you do better – Oprah Winfrey

Family history

It is also important to research your own family history to know if there are any secrets, health challenges or if your fore Fathers were good or bad citizens of their Country. Maybe you have an Uncle who don’t look like any of you. Mixed marriages might have occurred in your family. It is always good to know where you come from. Do a DNA test with your family, also a genealogy research. Medical issues might come back 3 generations after they first appeared.

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