Keeping silent while hurting inside


Keeping silent while hurting inside

Keeping silent while hurting inside is a selfless thing to do. It humbles you. It is human nature wanting to speak out when hurting. Many of us have been in a situation where we had to bit our lip. To keep silent even though we have so much to say and while being in so much emotional pain. However some time we are forced to do exactly that.

Remember Nicole Brown Simpson?

Yes, she was the former wife of OJ Simpson who was brutally murdered allegedly by OJ (he was however acquitted). After her death her family help take care of their children. In an interview the sister of Nicole told the interviewer that their family have never talked about the murder of Nicole with her kids. They have never voiced their suspicions about OJ. Whenever the children would visit they would do fun stuff together. They would also attend school functions with OJ. I was stunned when I watched the interview. How difficult it must have been for the Brown family keeping silent while hurting inside. I admire them for being so selfless.

Divorced parents

Many times when people divorce because of infidelity the innocent party also have to put their feelings aside. So that the children involved can feel loved. Mostly the person who cheated on his or her spouse are not as considerate and will be demeaning towards the former partner.

Me too

I also had to put my feelings aside when a family member of mine verbally abused me in front of her children. It was not an easy thing to do however it was better to go silent than to voice my opinion and feelings with family members choosing sides and also there were children involved.

How about you?

I’m sure that some of you also have stories to tell about how you had to hide your feelings while being in emotional turmoil. Share your stories and help other.

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