Keeping it simple get things done


Keeping it simple get things done

Keeping it simple get things done. No need for big budgets and endless discussions. Keep it simple and just do it. You will be surprised how natural it becomes – a good habit

Procrastination doesn’t help

I used to procrastinate all the time – making endless lists, writing in my diary, setting goals without executing my plans for success. Year after year nothing came to something until I decided to study success people and how they get things done.

Keeping it simple get things done

“A lot of times God will present you with a blessing and a plan, but if you don’t act on it, it’ll go away.” – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey was a real inspiration when I started out on my quest to stop dreaming and start doing. He taught me about vision boards and how to achieve those things. Another thing that stood out to me was that you have to be cautious about the people you surround yourself with.

“Everybody by your side ain’t on your side.” – Steve Harvey

Just do it

“You cannot leave what’s important to you, up to someone else.” – Steve Harvey

It took some hard work to have a plan and do what I wrote down. One of the things that held me back was debt. So I took my accounts and worked out how I could pay them in a timely fashion. I held myself accountable and for a few months I stayed focus on erasing my debts and I had my first success. While you won’t find success without hard work and determination there are small things you can do to set you on the right path.

A speech at the University of Texas

In 2014 Naval Adm. William H. McRaven delivered a powerful speech about making your bed in the morning that changed my way of thinking about success. I want to encourage you to watch it too. Something as simple as making your bed can be the difference between success and failure. Simple yet powerful.

Success is different to everyone yet everybody have to start somewhere, set goals and achieving them. The power of success lies within yourself.

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