Keep the rhythm going


Keep the rhythm going


I once listened to a musician speaking about his life and how he keeps juggling his life. He explained that when you make a CD all your energy goes into that project and when you then have a hit song, you can get lost in all the excitement and success and boom! Just as fast as your hit song and instant fame came, just as fast everything disappears again. He shared in the interview how you can then fall into sadness and even depression if you do not have other projects in the making while you ride the wave of success.


I heard the same thing when I spoke to someone about retirement. The guy were so happy to retire at 60 that he didn’t think about feeling empty inside. A Manager of a big Firm the one day and the next day a nobody. He had nothing lined up to keep himself busy after retirement and the feeling of emptiness were overwhelming. A deep depression followed and it would take him about 3 years to find something to lift him up again. He are now very into microlights and are having so much fun with it.


Many moons ago – 1985 to be exact, I got married to my handsome husband. I remember the excitement when we got engaged and the months of preparations. Me and my friends made hundreds of things for the tables, the many dress fittings the meetings for the flowers and cake. The preparations filled my days for about 6 months. Then came my wedding day and then – a sense of emptiness. I had the most gorgeous guy next to me and yet I felt a sense of sadness. Fast forward years down the line and I now realize why I felt that: I did not keep the rhythm going.


If you watch closely you will see how a new story line starts while the active story lines reaches a climax. That is how they keep viewers glues and soapies successful.


It is very important to keep juggling lots of balls in the air and keep the rhythm going for you to keep going, no matter what age you are, what job you do or not do, rich or poor.

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