Just say No


Just say No

Just say No is something people say when you do not want to do something. It is not always that easy especially for people pleasers. I used to be one of those people who just could not say No. When I was a young single Mom with two small children my life was very busy. Even then so called friends would ask me to babysit and I would do it even though I hated it.

They are sneaky

I remember how they got me into babysitting: Hey Amanda, I haven’t seen you for a while. What are you doing Friday evening? Stupid me then thought they wanted to spend time with me so my answer would be: Nothing really. I’ll probably watch a movie or something like that. It is then that they gave the final blow: Great! Then you won’t mind watching my children. We were invited to dinner. I’ll drop the kids of at 6. Thank you so much. I knew we could count on you. I would then spend my Friday evening looking after children while being exhausted from being a single parent – taking care of my own children, the house and work.

Amanda learned to say No

The story above happened over and over again until I read up on how to say No politely. I tried a couple of things – some worked sometimes while others didn’t work at all. Practice makes perfect they say. The one thing that worked every time so far is when I’m asked what I’m doing a certain day or evening I answer with a question. “Why do you ask?” Every time they would then come out with the whole story which gives me the opportunity to say: I won’t be able to help you out, sorry. No explanation why I can’t do it.

Just say No

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