Industrial areas


Industrial areas

Industrial areas are a sore eye. Well most of the time it is. In fact I have never seen an industrial area that is beautified. Whenever I drive through my local industrial area, I feel a bit sad. There are nothing beautiful about the industrial area. The buildings are ugly from the outside. Most of them are screaming for a lick of paint. Some do have a plant here or there and many are better looking inside the buildings.

Industrial areas are a sore eye

The signage looks like it could do with an uplift. Garbage and filth are everywhere. It’s utter disgusting. While I do know that industrial areas are home to factories that are most of the time dirty places because of the type of industry, I do not understand why everything around it are so unappealing.

The workers are people too

Whenever I drive through the ugly looking industrial areas, I can’t help but think about the people working there and their mental health. How on earth can you be happy at your work, be positive and do a good job when everything around you are such a sore eye?

We can do better

Making money isn’t everything when it comes to having a productive workforce. So why not keep it neat and tidy outside your building and beautify it a bit with plants, seating area for your staff? A neat outside area could do wonders for the morale of your workers and clients alike. You might just find that because you care enough about your employees to make their workplace appealing,the employees go out of their way to do their best and more.

There are hope

I came upon some gems on the Internet. There are countries/places/people who already realize how valuable it is to beautify their industrial spaces. Well done to them. Now the rest of the world needs to follow their example.

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