I voted, did you?

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I voted, did you?

My first time to go vote

I registered to vote in the South African National election for the first time in 1981 but could only vote for the first time in 1989 due to not being old enough. South Africa was then still governed by the Apartheids regime. Mr. P.W. Botha was the then State President. The 1989 National election was the last race based Parliament.

My first voting experience was a feeling of happiness that my cross can help to make a difference. We were by then under a lot of pressure to change our Country and most of us wanted peace and equality for everyone.

The referendum 1992

However it was the referendum in 1992 that ultimately changed the playing field. Finally the referendum was called by F.W. De Klerk who was the then President. The referendum was called to vote YES as a vote of confidence in F. W. de Klerk to take South Africa forward and abandon Apartheid. Therefore the No vote was so that a general election could be called. The Yes vote won with a huge majority.

I am proud to say that I was one of those who voted Yes for change. Although my Country isn’t perfect, I have certainly not regretted my Yes vote.

Since apartheid ended

Since apartheid finally ended 25 years ago, we have had 5 National Elections where men and women of all races are allowed to vote. The election of 2019 being the 6th National Election. I have made my cross in all of them.

Voting is important

Voting is your right and your privilege and if you vote you have the right to speak out but if you therefore choose not to then you choose to sit on the sidewalk and then you cannot speak or criticize about anything the Government does or does not.

I am a proud voter and proudly South African.

The IEC handles everything about voting in South Africa.

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