I need a strong cup of tea


I need a strong cup of tea

I need a strong cup of tea to calm down and take everything in. Deep breath in, hold 10 seconds and blow out slowly.

I went on holiday

My first holiday away from home ended in the Police being called to my home and I becoming part of the crime statistics. I left my home on 23 September 2021 to visit my sister in another part of South Africa. We spent almost 2 weeks enjoying each others company, going places and even attending an arts festival. During my holiday, a friend of mine took care of my elderly dog Millie who stayed at home. My friend fed Millie in the evenings after work. I flew back on 5 October 2021 and arrived at my home around 9.15 am.

This cannot be true

I came home in good spirits. After exiting my lift I walked to my front door and as I touched the security gate to unlock it, saw that the gate was open. Then I pushed against the wooden front door and that was open too. On a chair opposite the front door a shaken Millie lay. Alive but scared to death. My eye caught the mess in my living room and the bedroom doors being open. (I always close the doors when I go away so that Millie do not make a mess. When I entered the kitchen on my left, the contents of the fridge/freezer lay on the floor still cold and frozen. My heart skipped a beat. My house have been burglarized.

Crime statistic

The rest of the day was to say the least busy with the Police, Detectives, Finger print officials and Neighborhood watch coming and going. It calmed down around 5.30 pm when Millie and I could finally come to terms about the horrible thing that happened. I took the time to thank God for protecting Millie throughout the ordeal. Also protecting me for not confronting the burglars. It could have been so much worse.

The aftermath

No culprits have not yet been apprehended. Fingerprints and DNA have been collected and it will take a while to get the results back. The burglars spent a lot of time in my bedroom and I found a cap belonging to one of the burglars on my bed. Eeew. So I moved out of my bedroom into the guest room. While nor I or Millie have been hurt, I do feel violated and my privacy invaded. That feeling of your piece of mind being stolen is worse than the items stolen.

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