I believe in second chances


I believe in second chances

I believe in second chances. Everyone deserve a second chance in life to get it right the second time around. Many of us make mistakes when we are young and inexperienced – then as we grow older we adapt to civil norms and make better decisions. There are however people who make lots of mistakes – they never seems to learn from their mistakes. Do these people deserve another chance?

I believe in second chances

Being a positive person, I want to believe that there are good in everyone. Therefore I give people more chances than they deserve probably. However, I also have limits. I believe in second chances when someone made a stupid mistake that didn’t threaten the lives of others. Maybe someone made a mistake unwittingly and/or through ignorance then they qualify to get another chance. The problem comes when a person keep on making the same mistake over and over again while he knows that no matter how many times he messes up – he will get a free pass. This is where I then stop with my generosity.

When people show you who they are believe them – Oprah

A family member kept making the wrong decisions and when trouble looms when the decision backfires she ran to me to sort out her mess. This happened a couple of times – she would mess up and I would clear up the mess. Lots of tears and the promise to never do it again – until next time. It took my some years to figure out the pattern before I put my family connection and emotions apart. The next time she messed up, I was nonchalant about it – barely giving any attention to it. She was clearly dumbstruck and accused me of not caring. My next words turned our relationship around

Everybody are responsible for their own choices and decisions in life. You are the only one who can help you. I wish you well.

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