Happy Mother’s day


Happy Mother’s day

Mother’s day are a special day in which we celebrate and honor Mothers around the world. Founded by Anna Jarvis in the United States in the early 20th century, Mothers are once a year honored. Children shower their Mothers with love and gifts on this special day.

Mother’s day 2020

This Mother’s day are totally different from any other Mother’s day. We are currently in the midst of a world pandemic COVID 19 or coronavirus as it is known. With many countries in lockdown at this time, other countries are still fighting the virus. While in the throws of the pandemic, the usual splash of commercialization surrounding this special day, seems to have bypassed most of the physical stores.

No family time

Many Mothers will be alone this Mother’s day due to COVID 19 and the restrictions placed on people which involve social distancing. Older people are more vulnerable to the virus and therefore special care are taken to keep them safe.

Special Mothers

My Mom are one of a majority of Moms who are in care homes and most care homes have closed their doors to protect their residents. These special group of elders, have no physical contact with the outside world. Their family members are also not allowed to visit them in their care homes.

Let’s celebrate

We can still celebrate and honor our Mothers even though we are not allowed to get close to them.

There are many ways to still show your love and appreciation.

  • Phone your Mom and speak to her so she can at least hear your voice
  • Video call your Mom if it is possible
  • Go to your Mom’s care home and serenade her (if permitted)
  • Deliver a Mother’s day gift pack to her care home or residential home
  • Send your Mom a special message on the radio

Happy Mother’s day

I want to wish all Mothers including Grandmothers and Mothers to be a very happy Mother’s day 2020. You are the wind behind your children, blowing them in the right direction.

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