Hang in there


Hang in there

Hang in there . The year 2020 might not have started on the right foot but this uncertainty will eventually pass and become history.

When COVID 19 made an appearance in China, it seemed far away and most of us weren’t worried and it didn’t really affect us. I saw the suffering on the faces of the WUHAN people, lockdowned in their homes and I felt really sorry for the pain they were going through and I was thankful that it wasn’t me and my family.


I remember when Italy was suffering and their people were dying, I thought that this was getting closer and closer to us here in South Africa. However I still hoped that by some kind of miracle we will bypass this virus. This was not to be and in March 2020 our first virus case were reported. A man who returned from Italy was the first one to be diagnosed with COVID 19. Shortly after our President put all of us under lockdown and so we are now part of this pandemic – no escape.


Right now, the whole world is battling this virus and the suffering of the people are heartbreaking. While under lockdown the stress and anxiety increased about finances, food security, bills, the lack of socializing and exercising. Now is the time to be mindful, take a deep breath while taking stock of your life and see where we can change things to help us in this difficult time. Think outside of the box, take care of your health and well being, try something new. Do an online course, self defense class, watch a free concert, there really are so many opportunities at the moment.


I firmly believe that life will become better after this virus. You just have to look at how nature are healing and how people take care of others to know that life will never be the same again and it is not a bad thing. People were hurting the planet and each other before COVID 19 and while some will continue on their destructing ways, many more people will change for the better so

HANG IN THERE, everything are going to be okay.

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