Good inventions for a better life


Good inventions for a better life

Good inventions for a better life have been created from early on in the existence of the world. There are many. however some made a huge impact. This is my top 5 inventions.

My favorite

The flush toilet. My Mother and Grandmother told me enough horror stories from using outside toilets. It was nothing more than a hole in the ground with a piece of wood on top to sit on. My Mom told me how scared they were when spiders would climb on them while doing their business. Also night time they would rather use a pee pot under the bed and then clean it in the morning. So I decided that I love the modern toilet.

Inside plumbing

My Mother used to tell us stories about fetching water from the river and carry two buckets home twice a day. She was a child back then. Years later at the age of 83 she struggles with extreme back pain. They had to clean and cook with those buckets of water. I just turn the tap and water flows down. Amazing.


I cannot imagine life without my fridge/freezer. Apparently previous generation used a cupboard in the shade under a tree or something. Still, how long could you keep products fresh and eatable without a fridge. I think I prefer having a fridge/freezer. It makes life so much easier don’t you think?


When I was a teenager, I remember all the power outages and hours without electricity and how frustrated I was. My Mom did her school work under candle light. I cannot imagine life without electricity although I do enjoy the occasional electricity free camping.

The Internet

Before the Internet we lead a simple life and I too loved it. The Internet however opened up many opportunities to everyone. We have the world at our fingertips and I do not take it for granted. The Internet have more good qualities than bad.

I still love and enjoy the simple life. I don’t like all these ultra modern homes and all the glitter and gold. I do however enjoy the above listed inventions that makes life good.

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