Getting to know different cultures


Getting to know different cultures

I am on a mission getting to know different cultures. It is so exciting. I started with the food.


Two years ago I went on an Italian food adventure when I took an authentic Italian course. The Chef was from Naples. Before we started cooking, we got a history lesson on Italian cooking especially Naples where the Chef grew up. Then he taught us how to make pizza dough from scratch, followed by making the the sauce en which toppings to use. The Italian dishes are not smothered in Cheese like we do in the Western world.

I also did a Sushi course. Sushi chefs learn for years before graduating. Making Sushi is like doing art. I was amazed at how creative and skillful these Sushi Chefs are. A French cooking course is something I would love to do too. Cooking African food, Mexican are both delicious. Doing the cooking courses it became clear at how proud each group of people are about their cooking and culture. They take pride in cooking authentic dishes. Once you take such a course you realize how unauthentic the dishes are we buy in the Western countries.

Be kind, make peace, give hope

Getting to know different cultures

Besides food, I also took a self defense course from an authentic Chinese martial artist. A wonderful experience. Yellow and confused was written by Lin Ming Cheau about immigrating to South Africa with her family and her experience living through Apartheid and after. When we read, see and experience different cultures we learn to respect each other.

We are surrounded by different cultures in the world. Instead of trying to be superior to another, let’s respect different cultures, learn from each other. Who knows, we might even find some common ground.

When you know better, you do better
– Oprah Winfrey

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