Freeloaders versus hard workers


Freeloaders versus hard workers

Freeloaders versus hard workers and those in between examined, Is it a generational thing, a think process, a myth or a fact. Let’s find out

Freeloader – a closer look

We all know someone who know someone who is still living with his or her parents when they are way past childhood. The freeloader don’t work. Therefore they also do not contribute to the household expenses. Free loaders are like parasites. Some excuses they will make is: I can’t work. I’m too sick. In reality there are nothing wrong with them. They feel entitled . No matter how much money you give them. It is just never enough. When their parents kick them out, they will find another victim.

Hard worker – a closer look

The hard worker on the other hand is someone who have a vision and a mission to success and independence. They will get up early in the morning and work until late in the evening. There are no expectations of what their parents must do to help them succeed. The hard worker knows the value of money and the benefit of hard work. They thrive while they can also be a pain sometimes with their larger than life ambition.

Those in between – a closer look

People in between might have a job, yet still living with their parents. While they might pay rent, they lack the will to fly the nest. Constantly criticizing the long suffering parents. These kids feel that they do pay rent so what’s the problem then?

Freeloaders versus hard workers – what’s up?

Balance between work, play, adulthood, responsibility.

Your opinion counts

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