Fear of trusting yourself


Fear of trusting yourself

Fear of trusting yourself and breaking the cycle of codependency will free you and make you stronger. Trust yourself. You are enough.

Fear is holding you back

I talk from experience not expertise as I am not a health professional. For too many years I did not trust myself enough to make decisions on my own without consulting others. I felt inferior to others including family and friends. Craving acceptance I did not trust myself to make decisions for me – not even for things like painting my home. Pathetic? Yes I know. Luckily I finally broke through the fear of trusting myself – without ending up dead, in jail or in a mental health facility.

I did it, you can too

Oh the freedom of breaking through the fear of trusting yourself. It didn’t happen overnight though. I had to work real hard to believe in myself enough in order to love and trust myself. It took me around 6 years to work on myself without interference from others. I read numerous selfhelp books, watched motivational video’s, read true life stories of others who also struggled through the same self image issues. It wasn’t easy a lonely road. Worth all the inner pain, tears and war within. Maybe something in this article can help you on your road to healing and acceptance.

This is how I did it

  • I did not disclose to anyone what I was about to do
  • The first step was acknowledging that I had a problem
  • Monthly sessions with a Psychologist to help me dealing with my past
  • Reading stories of others in the same mindset
  • Making the decision to not be a victim any more
  • Standing in front of the mirror – telling myself that I am enough and worthy of acceptance
  • Reading selfhelp books on the topic
  • Keeping a fit and healthy body, mind and soul

You are enough – give yourself a big hug

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