Fear of the unknown


Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is why we do not want to leave our comfort zone where we feel safe, However conquering our fear is necessary in order to have the best life possibly. It doesn’t mean that we have to be reckless with our lives – it just mean taking calculated risks. Taking the first step into unfamiliar territory.

Fear of the unknown

Fear can hold us back from doing what we want and achieving overall success in life. We are afraid to take a step into the unknown. Turning What if I fail into What If I fly? When we allow fear to control us we watch our lives go past us just like watching through the back window of a car. Sitting in the passenger seat instead of in the driving seat. It does not have to be this way. We can control our fear and get into the driver seat.

How do we conquer our fear?

By facing it head on. Acknowledge that we are scared, admitting our fear and then take a deep breath and push through the fear. For example when you are afraid of the dark. Firstly you sleep with a bed light, then switch to a night light, move the bedight out of your bedroom and further and further away until you can eventually sleep without any lights. Baby steps.

How do you eat an elephant? Piece for piece!

My big fear

I had a stupid wall in the middle of my living room. From the day I bought the house, the wall was in my way. For twenty years I lived with the wall and felt like a prisoner. I couldn’t decorate my living room properly because the wall kept me from using the entire space. Then one day a friend told me: Just knock it down! For a moment I hesitated – fear of the unknown. Then another friend came over and within 1 hour the wall came down – it wasn’t part of the foundation. Conquering my fear meant that I now have a large open living room without a stupid wall.

Who moved my cheese is a small book with a big message to help you with fear and change.

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