Exploring the value of selfhelp books


Exploring the value of selfhelp books

Exploring the value of selfhelp books. Do they really work? Is it a quick fix or what does it take to get results?

Selfhelp books are everywhere. Qualified mental health authors as well as unqualified.

Do they really work?

Depending on who you ask. It is like a diet. Some people will tell you it is the best diet ever and they lost a lot of weight on it while others will tell you they didn’t lose half a gram. I personally believe that any diet or selfhelp book will yield results if you put effort into it.

Let me explain

The first ever selfhelp book that really worked for me was Selfmatters by Dr. Phil. It was also the first selfhelp book that I read from front to back. I completed every assignment/test that are in the book. I wrote everything down. Then I followed every instruction and every bit of advice. The result was and still is phenomenal even after 7 years. It was like going through rehab. So yes it definitely worked for me. More specifically that specific book helped me to be a better me.

Another example

I also read the power of a praying parent by Stormie Omartion as well as some of her other prayer books. I followed the same technique and again had very good results.


Selfhelp books are not a quick fix. You cannot buy them and put them in your bookcase. You have to read and study them to get results. It takes a lot of time to work through them. I am in no way an expert on selfhelp books however the few I tried worked for me. I did however put a lot of time and effort in because I wanted to change myself and my life for the better. You must have the desire to change, the courage to put the work in and have faith that you will succeed.

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    1 March 2024 at 9:01 am

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