Drink Tea Give Hope


Drink Tea Give Hope

Drink Tea Give Hope. Everybody needs hope even when everything seems hopeless. Make a good strong cup of tea and give hope. You do not have to be rich or famous. You are enough just being you therefore your voice matters. The Bible says clearly Faith, Hope and Love- this is what we all need – the greatest of all is Love. However without the other two love is lost.

The importance of hope

While faith and love are indeed very important let’s focus on hope for a while. Without hope the whole world will fall into darkness. There will be no reason to live, work, smile. Everybody needs hope and everyone needs to give hope.

Drink Tea Give Hope

Through many wars in many countries war and tea goes hand in hand. Sitting at the negotiating table, leaders drink tea while working out how to end war – giving hope to their citizens. In the workplace employees and workers sit around the table working out strategic moves to make the company better and improve the lives of everyone involved – giving hope. Family and friends sit around the campfire or in front of the fireplace talking and encouraging each other while they drink tea and give hope.

Hope in the 21st century

The Bible was written long ago yet the principle of hope is still needed even in the 21st century. We just need to look at two very important things that happened in the past two years

  • COVID pandemic – Many people became very ill and they and their families desperately needed hope that they will survive.
  • Russian war in Ukraine – How desperate and hopeless do many Ukrainians feel. They have lost everything – their jobs, income, homes, car, businesses, friends and families. All they now have is Hope that the war will end.

Without Hope everyone will slowly die so next time we see someone without hope we need to reach out and give hope

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