Drink tea and calm down


Drink tea and calm down

Drink tea and calm down. Talk about it. Find a workable solution. Listen more than talk. Tea have a calming effect on the soul.

It’s a fix

It works for me at least. Especially when someone riled me up the wrong way. We all know that feeling when you are ready to explode. Part of impulse control is drinking a cup of tea and also going for a walk to calm down. My dog and I used to go for long walks together however since she became older she is no longer able to keep up. While we still go for short daily walks I now go for longer walks on my own. Still enjoy it though.

Count to ten

In my youth I either reacted quickly to injustices or not at all. With age comes wisdom. While I do not like conflict I realized that none of the above are the preferred way of dealing with stress and conflict. So while sipping on a cup of tea, I realized the calming effect the tea had on my body, heart and soul. Also while drinking tea it prevented me from loosing my cool. A light bulb moment.

Make tea not war

The unwritten rule of count to ten do really work. I’m living proof of it. I’m also living proof that making and drinking a cup of tea during a heated exchanged of words do calm down emotions. It also gives us time to listen and think things through before talking or worse screaming. My Grandma used to say that once words go past your lips, it is out and you can never take it back so think before we speak. Once you wait a while you can then rephrase what and how you want to say.

Drink tea and calm down it works like a charm.

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