Drink mint tea for 2022


Drink mint tea for 2022

Drink mint tea for 2022 and start the new year on a fresh minty way. Refreshing. Share with family and friends.

What is mint?

No it is not mints in candy form that you buy in the store. Mint is a member of the Herb family therefore it grows in the ground or in pots.

Why mint?

The scent of mint is strong therefore making it a good choice to brew into a delicious hot or cold tea or even flavored water.

Different types of mint

Growing mint is relative easy to do. I like to grow different types of mint in containers. They are heavy growers therefore it is better to grow them separately in containers. The different types of mint can be used in a variety of drinks and dishes. You get apple mint, chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint to name just a few basic plants.

Drink mint tea for 2022


  • Fresh Mint leaves of your choice. I like spearmint or applemint
  • Rooibos tea bags or leaves


  • Put a handful of mint leaves in tea pot
  • Pour freshly boiled water into tea pot
  • Put 2 rooibos tea bags in tea pot
  • Stir everything twice.
  • Put on the lid and allow to stand for 3-4 minutes

To serve

  • A clear glass tea pot to see and enjoy the beauty of freshly brewed tea
  • Small tea cups and saucers – they can be clear or anything else – they just need to be pretty
  • A tray to put the tea pot, cups and saucers on
  • Honey for those who have a sweet tooth
  • Slices of lemon to use for garnishing
  • Something light to eat like petit fours or finger sandwiches
  • Special friends or family

While you sip on your refreshing mint tea, say a final good bye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with open arms. Thank the good Lord above for another chance in life.

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