Do not quit your job just yet


Do not quit your job just yet

Do not quit your job just yet even though some people promote it. Make yourself a strong cup of tea and think things through.

Some People

Astonishing some people will tell you to just go ahead and quit your job when you are unhappy. Recently even a former Royal told people to go ahead and just leave your job.

It’s tempting

That sounds like the thing an immature teenager would do. However in the world we live in now, people tend to be a bit impulsive and question the traditional way of doing things. Nowadays people want more from life than going to the same job day after day from 18 until retirement. They want fulfillment while not loosing out on life itself. There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life and work.

Take a deep breath

There is also nothing wrong with changing jobs. However when you have a family to support, you have to think things through before making drastic decisions that impacts everyone around you. Even if you are single an adult and living with your parents, it is unwise and disrespectful to leave your job and then let others face the consequences of your actions. Rather plan your resignation and transition to more suitable employment.

It is not easy

Believe me, I’ve been in such a situation before. In 2013 I had a lot of debt and desperate for employment after being unemployed for some time. Anything. It took 6 interviews before I secured a job. On the first day, I realized that this was not the job for me, however I had bills to pay. My Boss was a female, 72 years old and a Dictator. Every day was like being on Survivor. However despite my misery, I had to stay and make the best of it so I worked out how long it would take me to pay of my debts. Within 6 ½ months I paid off the majority of my debts where after I resigned. The last day I even thanked my horrible Boss and walked out the door. Self respect and dignity intact. Mission completed. You can too.

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